2016 WAM Team - Intuit Sole Brothers
2016 WAM Team - Intuit Sole Brothers

Intuit Sole Brothers

We're ready to STEP UP in stilettos! Please support our team, as we ‘walk a mile in her shoes’ alongside hundreds of other men, so families can walk away from violence.
Last year Intuit was #2 Fundraiser overall, and our very own Chris Mulholland was among the top 10 individual fundraisers overall.  
We are very happy to announce that Intuit is an official sponsor for 2017 -  special thanks to Canada Coutry Manager, Jeff Cates (and Margaret Hills) for making that happen!   
Event Details: 

Date: September 20, 2017
Time: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Location: Jasper Avenue and 104 Street
Huge Praise for our $upporters 
....thank-you for sponsoring the Intuit Sole Brothers in their efforts, for this amazing organization - YWCA Edmonton.  
Every dollar raised is very immediatly invested right here in your community, helping countless families in need of support to walk away from domestic violence in Edmonton and surrounding areas.  
Shout out to all our Intuit SOLE Brothers —
Thanks once again for your participation in the IWN Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraiser, benefitting YWCA domestic violence program.

Truly appreciate your fundraising efforts and your willingness to ’step-up’ in this way!

A number of people have been asking questions about the event — I just wanted to get a note you fine gentlemen to provide answers.

What will I wear?
A question that has plagued mankind through the ages…
But for this event we would like you to wear your WCGB blue tee-shirts.

Some Sole Bro Flare?
Completely optional additions to your ensemble…
but I will also have a ’Tickle-trunk’ (for those of the Mr.Dress-up Era) of accessories of your choosing that I will bring to the office the day of the event.   

Your gift will help us reach our goal and, more importantly, directly support violence prevention and recovery programs at YWCA Edmonton. 

Thank you for your support! Now, time for us to strut our stuff…

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